My name is SABTYA SUKMA ARWACHYNTIA. ‘Sabtya’ ​​taken from my birth day is Saturday. ‘Sukma’ means the spirit of life. ‘Arwa’ is an acronym of Arso and Java, because I was born in Arso but Javanese descent. and ‘Chyntia’ taken from the word ‘cinta’. So my name can be analogous to the ‘because of love, I come as a spirit that was born on Saturday, between Arso and Java’. That’s the meaning of my name given by my dear parents. I am a hard worker. always wanted to try my parents proud. I am a person who always wanted to learn to be better. That’s why I always feel my life is never perfect. I do not want to quickly satisfied. Because every second a run, it means my life must be more advanced. As my slogan ‘My life had changed’. This is the spirit that I always put in to keep trying to change my life for the better.

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