dare to dream!!

Yeah! I try to tell about my past story. Maybe i just wanna share my happiness and actually i just wanna motivate everyone that read my story. Amin..

As we know, that everybody have a dream. You, I and the other have it. I had a dream to become a broadcaster. I had started it since i was in high school and until now i still have a same dream. Emmm.. maybe its not enough if you do nothing when you have a dream. So, i tried to reach every dream, broadcasting was one of them.

In high school i had a carrier on it. I was a broadcaster in Global radio. When i was in the 1st grade, i partisipated in a broadcasting competition. and i was the one that choosen. After some training, i practiced in Global Radio to be a broadcaster in Bursa Musik Global programe. Actually Global radio is a news radio, i learn more about to be a good newscaster in there and i think that my passion is on it, But it was only on a short time. The main reason was because i couldn’t make my time to broadcast and to study become equal. so, i stoped to do it. Actually i still have a same feeling about broadcasting, i still love it!


In the 2010, i try to partisipate again in one of competition. but, unfortunately, i only got top 10. But, it didn’t mean i give up. I learned from my past experience. I learned much from my fault in the past. So, it gives me a good lesson in the next competition or even in the present.

I did it in 2011. i make better practice than before and i got top 5 in the KR Radio that can be broadcast in KR Radio and be a winner in a Sonora Radio. And surprisingly, it printed in newspaper (hehe..)The primary lesson is “do it! do it! and do it!”. Although today you have no an opportunity to be a winner, but someday it will be your time. So, try it again and again. Don’t be desperate or even give up. Because everything in the world need an effort and process to get succesfull.

My dream never stop! Until today i still find another chances to be a better person in public speaking and broadcasting. Because, i wanna be a real broadcaster or newscaster. and i believe that it will be true. and you must! because, who will believe that you can do it, if it’s not you?






(link : http://issuu.com/radarjogja/docs/radar_jogja_11_juni_2011 & http://krjogja.com/read/88007/www.computa.co.id/computashop/)


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