The Other Side of Yogyakarta

This is our long journey (I, Dila, Irfan, Kristian and Widi) along the streets of Jogja.

Initially this is the task of character education of our lecturers, Mrs. Musaroh. She commanded us to seek out people who are not fortunate to be our respondents. These results will be sent to social departement for further action.

But, beyond  that, we get a lot of lessons from this journey. Conversations with street children, beggars, street singers, scavengers, providing many life lessons for me personally.

and I will share my story.

On Tuesday,  January 10th  2012 we plan to seek out people that  will be our respondents. And we accidentally met a mother who was holding a small child in the street with handing her a small tin. One by one person she visited to ask for a little charity. Immediately, we approached  her to just wonder about their daily activities.

Her name is Yati (45 years). Her daily living is as a beggar. Mrs. Yati comes from Candi Mulya, Magelang. Today he lives in Gondolayu. In carrying out her work she usually operates in the area UNY, UGM and the traffic light of selokan  mataram.

Initially she worked as a laundry worker in her village. However, due to economic pressure to finance her grandchild school, she finally stopped being laundry workers and become a beggar.

She had to beg 5 years. This does not mean Mrs. Yati do not want to change her life. However, economic limitations which is the reason why until now she had to fight in the street. His dream  is to open her own business. In addition, the greatest hope is that  her grandchildren can go to school. Unfortunately, her effort is hampered because of  limited capital.  With income 15.000 rupiahs  every day is an impossible thing to prosper.

Razia and data collection is often carried out by social departement, but there was never any further steps to mitigate them. After this, she return to daily activities as usual again,  collect charity of  many people.

With Mrs. Yati, there is Raja, her grandson. Like his grandmother, he was also forced to support herself by working as a street children. in the age of 8, he must feel bitter street life. It’s very ironic when we saw other kids can  play with friends on  his age. To  help his grandmother is a strong motivation for him.
Our journey does not necessarily stop until there. We walked along “Monumen 11 Maret” . Not much different from  the other of Jogja, there are many beggars and street children.

On the way we met two young men. One was carrying a guitar and the other carrying ketipung / jimbe. They sing while carrying musical instruments from one person  to another.

The one named Henry Kurniawan and Mister X.

Henry came from Semarang and Mister X is domicile in Yogyakarta. They both operate in Malioboro. They live on the streets with their street friends.
Henry was 19 years old.  6 months he has worked as a street musician. The main purpose why he come to Yogyakarta is to meet her grandmother’s after post-graduation from a vocational high school in Semarang. Over time, he knew many people and finally from there he began to go along with his friends to find  money on the streets.

Henry can collect Rp 15.000, – per day and  it used to feed itself. Sometimes when his other friends get nothing, he uses his money to share food with them.

Of course he wants to change his life. Being a musician is not a goal job for him. one day he wanted to go home to Semarang to take his certificate, and started  looking for a job that appropriate with his skills at school.
In fact, social departments often record their name. they’ve caught 11 times. then they were quarantined for 3 days. government promised to provide employment information. But  in fact, until now theres no real action.

Does not end there. We continue the journey to Alun-alun Selatan . Not much different from the previous spot, there were many people who make a living by begging. find very shocking. 70-year-old man was drinking a bottle of  tea that he brought from home with very poor condition of health and shivering physical condition. Perhaps it due to old age factor.

Mr. Sudiran derived from Citrojayan, Imogiri. Formerly, he was a handyman who sometimes worked or participated  in the construction field house in his village. Until now  he has been working on that profession for 10 years.

When we asked about his desire to change life in the future, Mr. Sudiran immediately replied that he was quite grateful to her work. Although his income is only Rp 5,000, – in a day.
Mr. Sudiran  live with other scavengers at a place commonly called cardboard house. Social departement never came to just record their existence.This proves that the government less to give more attention to rural communities such as Mr. Sudiran.

That was the story of our journey along the Jogja. It was  irony when we saw many people who still do not feel the standard  living. Many values ​​can we take from that, and  most important is to learn to be grateful for what we got.


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