General Assembly of UNY Management Student Association

After a few moments ago himaman UNY hold a new member registration for the management of 2012, finally we can hold our first program, the general assembly of UNY management student association or usually we called Sidang Umum HIMAMAN UNY.

The organization decided this trial run by students elected in open recruitment ago, and can be used as a means to organize the initial practice. Then, Gagah, the new member of HIMAMN UNY 2012 elected as chairperson.
In this event was also seen students from the previous stewardship. From the stewardship of 2010 theres Fuad (a chairman of HIMAMAN 2010), kefin who also had been a chairman of entrepreneurship seminars, Rifki, ica Lista, uni, etc. Moreover, from the stewardship of 2009 theres Ariyanto and Ichsant. In addition also theres a new members and members of HIMAMAN 2011 also participated in the afternoon following the day’s events.

Evaluation of HIMAMAN 2011 running very good. Danar Tri Palupi ( a chairman of HIMAMAN 2011) and his friends were able to answer all the  questions asked of participants with producing some conclusions. A lot of problem during the evaluation is about entrepreneurship seminars in which this program is the main program of  HIMAMAN UNY.
Participants agreed to delete the assessment but replace it with the conclusion of assembly. And the results of participants discussion is about some notes which might be expected to be a material consideration for the next stewardship. And the result is to be able to distinguish between personal interests and organization, to establish better relations with non HIMAMAN member, to establish good relations with the previous generation, to hold all the aspirations, to improve system security of HIMAMAN, do not be ashamed to learn from the previous generation, the meeting held more frequent among the administrators that there is effective interaction, to introduce HIMAMAN during ospek Hima, etc..
And the challenges that must be repaired HIMAMAN next is about a better entrepreneurship seminars, such as publication, sponsorship and other aspects. In addition other programs must be increased. DPO and MPO is to function properly.

After that evaluation, the general assembly continued with the reading of the AD / ART and GBHK. And was finally officially stewardship HIMAMAN 2012 by Faizal Cholid as CEO and of course the other new members which I will post the other day.

finally thanks to HIMAMAN 2011 and congratulation to HIMAMAN 2012. Victorious management!



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